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AtenPay is a joint project between Black Gold Coin, Inc., and the SWC Group. AtenPay SA is based in Warsaw. Poland.

AtenPay is a user friendly Aten Coin processing gateway. A one stop shop for people and businesses to acquire or receive Aten Coins. Shops can easily accept Aten Coin payments by using our AtenPay services which is easy to setup and integrate!

Unique Features of the Aten “Black Gold” Coin

  • AML & KYC: Aten Coin is the first digital currency that is designed to fulfill AML and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • Theft-Resistant: Other digital currencies are susceptible to stealing by hackers, who are unidentifiable. However, Aten Coin is the first digital currency that allows the tracing of real identities in the event theft occurs. This makes Aten Coin theft-resistant.
  • Non-volatile Value & Liquidity: Volatile value is one of the key issues of many other digital currencies. In view of this, NAC’s partner company, BGC International, Inc., is creating a constant demand of Aten Coins through joint venture with oil and gas production companies on oil and gas well investments. Over 50% of the investment profits will be paid in Aten Coin to create a continuous demand of Aten Coin and maintain a stable value of Aten Coin.
  • Fast: Transaction of Aten Coin is 9.4 times faster than other digital currencies.
  • Secure: Aten Coin is a highly secure digital currency that uses multiple rounds of 11 different cryptographic hashes, thus making it one of the safest and sophisticated modern digital currencies. In contrast, other digital currencies only uses a single round of double SHA-256 hashes.
  • Usability: Shops can easily accept Aten Coin payment by using our AtenPay services. In the near future, people will be able to use the Aten Coin to buy things in real life, e.g., a cup of coffee, online games, meat, petroleum, etc.


The pricing is absolutely free. We provide both individual and merchant accounts.

Only Individual Users can buy Aten "Black Gold" Coins. Merchant Accounts only allow merchants to accept Aten "Black Gold" Coin’s.

Individual User

free life-time

Merchant Account

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